Definition & Meaning of "4U"

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4u :
for you

Usage of 4U

The abbreviation 4U is used in texting and online messaging to mean 'for you'. It is often used as a quicker way to say that something is intended for the recipient of the message. For example, someone might send a message that says "I found this article 4U", which would mean that they found an article that they thought the recipient would find interesting or helpful.

Example of 4U used in texting:
1. Hey, I made some cookies 4U, swing by my place to pick them up later!
2. I saw this movie last night and thought it would be perfect 4U to watch this weekend.
3. I found this amazing deal on flights 4U, check it out before it's too late!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "4u"

*4u :
Kiss for you
2b4u :
too bad for you
2bad4u2 :
too bad for you too
2h4u :
too hot for you
2m4u :
too much for you
4u :
for you
4umb :
For You Maybe
4us :
for us
?4u :
Question for you
a4u :
all for you
b4u :
before you
b4ug :
before you go
b4ul :
before you Leave
e4u2s :
easy for you to say
g4u :
good for you
gd4u :
Good For You
I'll be there for you
im26c4u :
I am too sexy for you
j4u :
just for you
nr4u :
not right for you
q4u :
question for you
tb4u :
too bad for you

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