Definition & Meaning of "TB4U"

What does tb4u mean? View the definition of tb4u and all related slang terms containing tb4u below:

tb4u :
too bad for you

Usage of TB4U

The abbreviation TB4U is commonly used in texting and online messaging to express a lack of sympathy or empathy towards the recipient. The phrase essentially means 'too bad for you' and is often used in response to someone sharing negative news or complaining about a situation. It can be seen as dismissive or unsympathetic, depending on the context and tone of the conversation.

Example of TB4U used in texting:

1. Friend: "I just found out my car got towed! UGH."
You: "TB4U, should've parked it legally."

2. Family member: "I can't believe I got passed up for that promotion at work."
You: "TB4U, maybe you need to work harder."

3. Acquaintance: "I'm so upset, my flight got delayed and now I'm going to miss my connecting flight."
You: "TB4U, at least you have a flight. I've been stuck in this airport for hours."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tb4u"

tb4u :
too bad for you

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