Definition & Meaning of "YER"

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yer :

Usage of YER

The abbreviation YER is a shortened version of the contraction you're, which means 'you are'. This abbreviation is commonly used in texting because it saves time and characters when writing out a message or response.

Example of YER used in texting:
1. Example 1: "YER so funny! 🤣" (Translation: "You're so funny!")
2. Example 2: "Can't wait to see YER new haircut! 😍" (Translation: "Can't wait to see your new haircut!")
3. Example 3: "Hey, YER coming to the party tonight, right?" (Translation: "Hey, you're coming to the party tonight, right?")

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "yer"

yer :
yermom :
your mother

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