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liek :

Usage of LIEK

The abbreviation LIEK is often used in texting and social media to mean 'like'. It is a shorthand way of expressing agreement or appreciation for something. For example, if someone sends you a picture of their new puppy, you might respond with "Wow, that puppy is so cute! I LIEK it!" This shows that you like the picture and agree with the sender's statement about their puppy.

Example 1:
Friend: Just tried sushi for the first time and it was amazing!
You: LIEK I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Example 2:
Sibling: Look at my new haircut!
You: LIEK it looks great on you!

Example 3:
Crush: Hey, would you maybe want to go see a movie with me this weekend?
You: LIEK yeah, that sounds really fun!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "liek"

liek :
liekz :

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