Definition & Meaning of "UVGTBSM"

What does uvgtbsm mean? View the definition of uvgtbsm and all related slang terms containing uvgtbsm below:

uvgtbsm :
you have got to be shiting me

Usage of UVGTBSM

The abbreviation UVGTBSM is commonly used in texting to express disbelief or shock towards something that someone has said or done. It stands for "you have got to be shitting me" and is a way to convey a reaction of astonishment or incredulity.

Examples of UVGTBSM used in texting:

1. Friend: "I just won the lottery!"
You: "UVGTBSM! That's amazing!"

2. Colleague: "I got promoted to CEO!"
You: "UVGTBSM! That's incredible!"

3. Parent: "Your little sister just aced her math test!"
You: "UVGTBSM! I can't believe it, she's a genius!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "uvgtbsm"

uvgtbsm :
you have got to be shiting me

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