Definition & Meaning of "UPMO"

What does upmo mean? View the definition of upmo and all related slang terms containing upmo below:

upmo :
You piss me off

Usage of UPMO

The abbreviation UPMO is a way of expressing frustration or annoyance towards someone. It stands for 'You piss me off.' It is often used in texting or online communication, where people tend to use abbreviations and abbreviations to convey their message quickly and concisely. It can be used to express mild annoyance, or it can be used in situations where someone is extremely angry and wants to communicate their feelings in a more direct way.

Examples of UPMO used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, I'm running late for our meeting.
You: Ugh, UPMO. I've been waiting here for half an hour.

2. Boyfriend: Can we reschedule our date tonight?
Girlfriend: You always do this. UPMO.

3. Teenager: Can I borrow some money for the movies?
Parent: No, you still owe me from last time.
Teenager: UPMO, why do you have to be so strict?

(All examples are hypothetical and not intended to offend anyone)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "upmo"

upmo :
You piss me off

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