Definition & Meaning of "UAT"

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uat :
User Acceptance Testing

Usage of UAT

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a process of testing the software, application or system by the end-users to ensure that it meets the requirements and specifications provided by the client or the user. This phase of testing is conducted after the completion of functional, integration and system testing. In this phase, end-users test the software and identify if there are any discrepancies or errors with respect to business requirements. Based on the feedback received from the end-users, the necessary changes are made before the final release of the software or application.

Example of UAT used in texting:
1. Hey, have you completed the UAT for the new app?
2. We need to schedule a UAT session with the end-users before we deploy the software.
3. Can you send me the UAT report for the updated website?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "uat"

iduatys :
I didn't understand a thing you said
stfuattdlagg :
shut the f**k up and take that d**k like a good girl
suatmm :
shut up and take my money
uat :
User Acceptance Testing

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