Definition & Meaning of "THN"

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thn :

Usage of THN

The abbreviation THN is shorthand for the word "then." It is typically used in place of the complete word to save time and effort when texting. For instance, instead of typing out "I went to the store, and then I went home," someone might send a text message that says "I went to the store THN home." The abbreviation is commonly used in texting, as it allows people to communicate more efficiently and quickly.

Examples of THN used in texting:

1. Are you free to hang out later THN?
2. Can you send me the report THN I can get started on the project?
3. I'll call you back in a few minutes THN we can discuss the details of the plan.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "thn"

ilykthnxbai :
i love you k thanks bye
kkthnxbye :
okay thanks bye
kthnxbai :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthnxbye :
Okay, thanks, bye
nthn :
Smthn :
smthng :
thn :
thnk :
thnks :
thnx :

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