Definition & Meaning of "T2M"

What does t2m mean? View the definition of t2m and all related slang terms containing t2m below:

t2m :
talk to me

Usage of T2M

The abbreviation T2M is a short and straightforward way to ask someone to communicate with you through messaging or any other means of digital communication. Whether you want to catch up with a friend, discuss something important, or simply want some company, asking someone to T2M is an informal way to invite them to chat.

Examples of T2M used in texting:
1. Hey, it's been a while since we last talked. How's everything going? T2M when you have time.
2. I'm feeling a bit down and could use someone to talk to. Are you available for a call or T2M?
3. Can you explain the directions to the party again? T2M the address and any landmarks I should look out for.

(Note: All 3 messages are labeled as Examples of T2M used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "t2m"

dt2m :
don't talk to me
t2m :
talk to me

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