Definition & Meaning of "DT2M"

What does dt2m mean? View the definition of dt2m and all related slang terms containing dt2m below:

dt2m :
don't talk to me

Usage of DT2M

The abbreviation DT2M is a texting shorthand used to indicate that the sender does not want to engage in conversation. It is often used when someone wants to be left alone, is in a bad mood, or is simply too busy to talk. When someone uses DT2M, it is an indication to the recipient that they should not initiate or continue any conversation.

Example of DT2M used in texting:
1. Friend: Hey, what's up?
You: Sorry, DT2M.
2. Coworker: Did you finish the report yet?
You: DT2M, I'm swamped with work.
3. Ex: Can we talk about us?
You: DT2M, I'm not interested in rehashing the past.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dt2m"

dt2m :
don't talk to me

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