Definition & Meaning of "SUXXOR"

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suxxor :

Usage of SUXXOR

The abbreviation SUXXOR is commonly used as a slang term to express that something is bad or unpleasant. It is derived from the word "sucks" and is often used as a way to convey negative emotions, frustrations or disappointments in a casual and informal way.

Examples of SUXXOR used in texting:

1. Ugh, my phone just died right in the middle of an important call. SUXXOR!
(Example of SUXXOR used in texting to express frustration)

2. Did you hear that our school trip is cancelled?! This SUXXOR big time.
(Example of SUXXOR used in texting to express disappointment)

3. I had high hopes for this new restaurant but the food wasn't good at all. SUXXOR, I wasted my money.
(Example of SUXXOR used in texting to express dissatisfaction)

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