Definition & Meaning of "SUX"

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sux :

Usage of SUX

SUX is an abbreviation commonly used in texting that means 'sucks.' This word is used to express disappointment, dislike, or dissatisfaction with someone or something.

Example 1:

Sender: Hey, did you watch the latest episode of our favorite show?
Recipient: Yeah, I did. It SUX that the main character died.

Example 2:

Sender: How did your exam go?
Recipient: It SUX big time. I forgot most of the answers.

Example 3:

Sender: I need to cancel our plans for tonight, sorry about that!
Recipient: Seriously? That SUX, I was looking forward to it.

Examples of SUX used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sux"

sux :
sux2bu :
sucks to be you
suxor :
suxx :
usux :
you suck

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