Definition & Meaning of "SUX0RZ"

What does sux0rz mean? View the definition of sux0rz and all related slang terms containing sux0rz below:

sux0rz :

Usage of SUX0RZ

The abbreviation SUX0RZ is slang used to express dissatisfaction or disapproval of something. It's a playful way of saying that something "sucks." This term is commonly used in informal online communication and text messaging.

Examples of SUX0RZ used in texting:

1) Example of SUX0RZ used in texting: Ugh, that movie SUX0RZ. I can't believe we wasted our time watching it.

2) Example of SUX0RZ used in texting: This traffic SUX0RZ, I'm going to be late for our dinner reservation.

3) Example of SUX0RZ used in texting: My phone battery is about to die, SUX0RZ. Can't believe I forgot to charge it before leaving the house.

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