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soo :

Usage of SOO

The abbreviation 'SOO' is commonly used in texting as a short form of the word 'so'. 'So' refers to an emphasis on something, usually implying that something is more important than usual or that there is a strong feeling associated with it. 'SOO' is often used to make communication faster and more efficient when texting.

Example 1:
Hey, what are you doing tonight?
SOO, my parents are making me stay in and study for finals.

Example 2:
Did you see the concert last night?
SOO good! I can't believe how amazing the band was.

Example 3:
I heard that you got a new job!
SOO happy for you! When do you start?

Examples of SOO used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "soo"

btsoom :
Beats The s**t Out Of Me
soobs :
saggy boobs
sool :
s**t out of luck
sooml :
stay out of my lane

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