Definition & Meaning of "SOM1"

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som1 :

Usage of SOM1

The abbreviation SOM1 stands for 'someone' in texting language. This abbreviation is often used to save time and space while communicating via text messages. It is a convenient way of indicating or referring to a person without having to spell out the entire word.

Examples of SOM1 used in texting:
1. Hey, SOM1 is knocking on the door. Can you please check who it is?
2. Can SOM1 bring me a glass of water? I'm feeling thirsty.
3. SOM1 left their phone on the table. Can you help me locate the owner?

Usage of SOM1 in text messages is common among people who want to communicate efficiently and quickly. By using this abbreviation, people can convey their message without wasting time and using too many characters.

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som1 :

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