Definition & Meaning of "SOA"

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soa :
service oriented architecture

Usage of SOA

"Service-oriented architecture" (SOA) is a software design approach that promotes the creation of modular and reusable software components, commonly referred to as "services." SOA facilitates the building of flexible and scalable systems by separating the functionality into discrete services that can be accessed and reused across multiple applications.

Examples of SOA used in texting:

1. Hey, did you hear about our company's SOA implementation? It's really helped us streamline our processes.
2. Can you send me the documentation on how to develop SOA services for our new project?
3. The IT department is working on integrating a new SOA-based platform into our existing system to improve performance.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "soa"

soa :
service oriented architecture
soab :
son of a btch
soad :
system of a down
soafb :
son of a f**king b***h
stfuysoab :
shut the f**k up you son of a b***h
ysoab :
You son of a b***h

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