Definition & Meaning of "SMH"

What does smh mean? View the definition of smh and all related slang terms containing smh below:

smh :
shaking my head

Usage of SMH

SMH stands for 'shaking my head' and is used as an expression of disappointment or disbelief in a situation. The abbreviation is often seen in text messages, emails, and social media posts when someone has encountered something that they find silly or frustrating.

Sample Text Messages:
1.Ugh, I just spilled coffee all over my laptop. SMH
2.I can't believe he didn't show up for class again. SMH
3.I heard she moved in with him after only 2 weeks. SMH

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "smh"

smh :
shaking my head
smhb :
suck my hairy balls
smhid :
shaking my head in disgust
smho :
Screaming My Head Off
Shake My Head Side To Side

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