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sk8ter :

Usage of SK8TER

The abbreviation 'SK8TER' is a shortcut for the word 'skater'. It is commonly used in the texting language by those who enjoy the sport of skateboarding, or those who are fans of it. The abbreviation is popular among the younger generation who engage in text messaging as it helps save time and effort in typing out words.

Examples of SK8TER used in texting:
1. Hey, are you coming to the skate park later? I heard there are some awesome sk8ters showing off their moves!
(Example of SK8TER used in texting for referring to a skateboarder)

2. Just got my new board and can't wait to hit the ramps with my fellow sk8ters!
(Example of SK8TER used in texting for referring to a group of skateboarders)

3. My little cousin is learning to skate, and he is a natural-born SK8TER!
(Example of SK8TER used in texting for referring to someone who skateboards)

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sk8ter :

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