Definition & Meaning of "RUK"

What does ruk mean? View the definition of ruk and all related slang terms containing ruk below:

ruk :
are you ok?

Usage of RUK

The abbreviation RUK is commonly used in texting and means 'are you ok?' It is a quick and simple way of expressing concern for someone's wellbeing or checking in on them. This abbreviation is often used when someone wants to check on a friend or family member who may be going through a tough time or experiencing difficulties. RUK can also be used as a means of making sure someone arrived safely at their destination or checking in with someone who may be sick or injured.

Examples of RUK used in texting:

1) Hey, I heard about the accident earlier. RUK?
2) Haven't heard from you in a while, just wanted to check in and make sure RUK.
3) Saw your social media post, looks like you're having a tough time. Just wanted to reach out and ask RUK.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ruk"

ruk :
are you ok?
rukm :
are you kidding me

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