Definition & Meaning of "RUKM"

What does rukm mean? View the definition of rukm and all related slang terms containing rukm below:

rukm :
are you kidding me

Usage of RUKM

The abbreviation "RUKM" stands for "are you kidding me". It is commonly used in informal conversations, especially in text messages or online chats. This abbreviation is often used to express disbelief or surprise at something that someone has said or done. For instance, if someone were to tell you that they are going to jump off a roof, you might respond with "RUKM, you can't be serious!".

Examples of RUKM used in texting:

1. Friend A: "Did you hear that John got into Harvard?"
Friend B: "RUKM, that's awesome news!"

2. Parent: "You need to start studying harder for your exams."
Teenager: "RUKM, I study all the time!"

3. Coworker: "We have to work extra hours this week."
Employee: "RUKM, why do we always have to work overtime?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rukm"

rukm :
are you kidding me

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