Definition & Meaning of "ROFLCOPTER"

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roflcopter :
Rolling on the floor laughing


The abbreviation ROFLCOPTER is used to describe someone who is laughing so hard that they are physically rolling on the floor. This expression is often used in response to a very funny joke or situation. It has become a popular Internet slang term, particularly in text messaging.

Example of ROFLCOPTER used in texting:

1. Friend: "I just watched a video of a cat falling off a couch and it landed on its feet but then fell over again"
You: "ROFLCOPTER! That's hilarious"

2. Friend: "I accidentally sent an embarrassing text to my boss instead of my friend"
You: "ROFLCOPTER! That must have been awkward"

3. Friend: "Did you see the video of the guy dancing on the subway?"
You: "ROFLCOPTER! Yes, he has some serious moves"

Examples of ROFLCOPTER used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "roflcopter"

roflcopter :
Rolling on the floor laughing
roflcopters :
rolling on the floor laughing, VERY funny.

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