Definition & Meaning of "ROFLCOPTERS"

What does roflcopters mean? View the definition of roflcopters and all related slang terms containing roflcopters below:

roflcopters :
rolling on the floor laughing, VERY funny.


The abbreviation ROFLCOPTERS is used to express extreme laughter and amusement in texting. It stands for 'rolling on the floor laughing, VERY funny.' When you use ROFLCOPTERS in a message, you are conveying how hilarious something is to you. It is a lighthearted way to show that you found something amusing and that it made you laugh uncontrollably.

Examples of ROFLCOPTERS used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Did you hear about the cat that stole a sandwich from the deli?" Friend 2: "No, what happened?" Friend 1: "It was caught on camera! But the owner couldn't identify the purr-petrator." Friend 2: "ROFLCOPTERS! That's hilarious."
2. Text from mom: "Just saw a video of a baby giggling uncontrollably at a balloon popping. It's so precious!" You: "Aww, I need to see this! ROFLCOPTERS!"
3. Text from your friend: "Have you watched the latest episode of that show we like?" You: "Yeah, I did! That scene where the character trips and falls was ROFLCOPTERS! I couldn't stop laughing."

These are all examples of ROFLCOPTERS used in texting to express extreme laughter over something funny or amusing.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "roflcopters"

roflcopters :
rolling on the floor laughing, VERY funny.

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