Definition & Meaning of "RME"

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rme :
rolling my eyes

Usage of RME

The abbreviation RME is commonly used in texting and online conversations. It stands for 'rolling my eyes' and is typically used to express annoyance, frustration, or disapproval towards something. The gesture of rolling one's eyes is often used to signal sarcasm or disbelief, and the abbreviation RME serves as a shorthand way of conveying this sentiment.

Examples of RME used in texting:

1. Person A: Did you see the latest tweet from that celebrity?
Person B: Yes, and RME. They always seem to have something ridiculous to say.

2. Person A: I'm sorry, I can't make it to the party tonight.
Person B: RME, you always bail at the last minute.

3. Person A: I think we should take a break from our relationship.
Person B: RME, you always say that whenever things get tough.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rme"

rme :
rolling my eyes

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