Definition & Meaning of "RCSA"

What does rcsa mean? View the definition of rcsa and all related slang terms containing rcsa below:

rcsa :
right click save as

Usage of RCSA

The abbreviation RCSA stands for 'right click save as', which is a computer function used to save an image, video, or file from the internet. When you right click on an image or file, a menu pops up and gives you the option to 'save as'. By clicking on this option, you can save the image or file onto your computer. It's a helpful shortcut for quickly saving things you find online.

Examples of RCSA used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, where did you get that cool wallpaper?
You: I found it online and RCSA'd it.

2. Mom: Could you send me that recipe you found?
You: Sure thing! Let me RCSA it and I'll send it over.

3. Co-worker: Can you share that presentation with me?
You: Definitely, I'll RCSA it and email it to you.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rcsa"

rcsa :
right click save as

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