Definition & Meaning of "QOOL"

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qool :

Usage of QOOL

The slang term QOOL is a shortening of the word 'cool' and is often used to describe something that is trendy or impressive. QOOL can also be used to show admiration or approval of someone's actions or style. The term originated from the need to save time and effort when texting, making it easier and faster to express approval or excitement without typing out the full word.

Examples of QOOL used in texting:
1. Example of QOOL used in texting: "Just saw your new outfit, it's QOOL!"
2. Example of QOOL used in texting: "I heard that new song on the radio - it's QOOL!"
3. Example of QOOL used in texting: "Thanks for inviting me to the party last night, it was so QOOL!"

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qool :

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