Definition & Meaning of "QOOLZ"

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qoolz :

Usage of QOOLZ

The term QOOLZ is an online abbreviation for the word 'cool'. It is a way of expressing approval or admiration for something. It's an informal slang term often used in social media, texting, and chatting online. When something is described as QOOLZ, it means that it is fashionable, interesting, or impressive.

Examples of QOOLZ used in texting:
1. "I just got tickets to the concert tomorrow night. It's going to be QOOLZ!" (Example of QOOLZ used to describe something exciting and enjoyable.)
2. "Hey, check out my new car! It's so QOOLZ, right?" (Example of QOOLZ used to describe something impressive.)
3. "Thanks for inviting me to your party. The decorations are QOOLZ. I love them." (Example of QOOLZ used to describe something fashionable or stylish.)

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