Definition & Meaning of "PEBCAK"

What does pebcak mean? View the definition of pebcak and all related slang terms containing pebcak below:

pebcak :
Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard

Usage of PEBCAK

The abbreviation "PEBCAK" is a humorous way of referring to a common IT support issue. It stands for "Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard." This means that the problem isn't with the computer or any other technology, but with the person using it. Specifically, the problem is with the user's own actions or lack of understanding of how to use the technology.

Examples of PEBCAK used in texting:
1. "Hey, IT helpdesk, can you come over and fix my computer? I think I have a PEBCAK issue."
2. "I've been trying to log in for hours, but it won't work. I'm starting to think it's a PEBCAK problem."
3. "Sorry for bothering you, but it turns out my printer wasn't plugged in. Looks like another PEBCAK issue."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pebcak"

pebcak :
Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard

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