Definition & Meaning of "PACH"

What does pach mean? View the definition of pach and all related slang terms containing pach below:

pach :
parents are coming home

Usage of PACH

The abbreviation "PACH" is commonly used among teenagers to let their friends know that their parents are coming home. This means that they need to wrap up whatever they are doing and ensure that everything is in order before their parents arrive. Using the abbreviation "PACH" helps save time and can be a useful tool for avoiding awkward conversations or getting caught in the act.

Example of PACH used in texting:

1. Hey, dude, PACH! We need to hurry up and clean up this mess before my mom sees it.
2. I just got a text from my little brother saying PACH. I guess I should head back home now.
3. PACH alert! My dad just texted me saying he's on his way home. We need to finish our game ASAP!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pach"

pach :
parents are coming home
pachs :
parents are coming home soon

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