Definition & Meaning of "OOB"

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oob :
out of buisness

Usage of OOB

The term "OOB" is an abbreviation that stands for "out of business". This term is often used to describe a company or organization that has ceased operations or has gone bankrupt. When a company is OOB, it is generally unable to provide services or products to its customers. "OOB" is commonly used in the business world and is also frequently used in everyday conversations.

Examples of OOB used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, do you know if that store in the mall is still open?"
You: "Nope, they're OOB now."
Example of OOB used in texting.

2. Coworker: "Did you hear about the new restaurant that just opened downtown?"
You: "I don't think so. What's it called?"
Coworker: "It's called The Bistro, have you been?"
You: "No, I haven't. Is it good?"
Coworker: "Sorry, I thought it was new, but actually it's OOB now."
Example of OOB used in texting.

3. Mom: "I need to buy a new phone charger. Do you know where I can get one?"
You: "You can try that store next to the grocery store."
Mom: "Okay, thanks. Did you say it was called Phone Haven?"
You: "No, sorry, that store is OOB now. But there's a new store called Charging Zone that just opened."
Example of OOB used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "oob"

foobar :
f**ked up beyond all recognition
moobs :
man boobs
noob :
someone who is new
noobie :
new person
nooblet :
new player
noobz0r :
oob :
out of buisness
oobl :
out of breath laughing
soobs :
saggy boobs

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