Definition & Meaning of "OMFG"

What does omfg mean? View the definition of omfg and all related slang terms containing omfg below:

omfg :
oh my f**king god

Usage of OMFG

The abbreviation OMFG stands for 'oh my f**king god'. It is an expression of shock and amazement, often used to express disbelief or surprise. In some cases, it is also used to express disappointment, frustration or anger.

Sample text messages:

1. OMFG! I just saw the craziest thing on the news.

2. I can't believe he said that - OMFG!

3. OMFG, I totally forgot about my project due tomorrow!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "omfg"

omfg :
oh my f**king god
omfgn :
Oh my f**king god noob
omfgsh :
Oh My f**king Gosh
zomfg :
oh my f**king god

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