Definition & Meaning of "OINK"

What does oink mean? View the definition of oink and all related slang terms containing oink below:

oink :
Oh I Never Knew

Usage of OINK

The abbreviation OINK, which stands for 'Oh I Never Knew', is used in texting and online communication to express surprise or shock in response to new information being presented. It is a lighthearted way to acknowledge learning something new and unexpected.

Example 1:
- Friend: Did you know that the sun is actually a star?
- You: OINK! No, I had no idea!

Example 2:
- Co-worker: The company is giving everyone an extra day off next week.
- You: OINK! That's great news!

Example 3:
- Mom: Did you hear that your cousin is getting married in Hawaii?
- You: OINK! No way, I'm so excited for them!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "oink"

oink :
Oh I Never Knew

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