Definition & Meaning of "NQ"

What does nq mean? View the definition of nq and all related slang terms containing nq below:

nq :
Thank you

Usage of NQ

In the world of texting, we often use abbreviated terms as a way of communicating more efficiently. One such abbreviation is NQ, which stands for 'Thank you'. This term is commonly used when expressing gratitude for something that someone has done for you, or when showing appreciation for a gift or kind gesture.

Example 1:
Friend: Hey, do you want me to grab you a coffee on my way in?
You: Sure, that would be great! NQ!

Example 2:
Coworker: I finished the report you asked for.
You: Awesome, NQ so much for your hard work!

Example 3:
Family member: Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day.
You: Thank you, NQ for the wishes and for thinking of me today!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nq"

nq :
Thank you
nqa :
no questions asked
tanq :
thank you
thanq :
thank you
tnq :
thank you

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