Definition & Meaning of "NPI"

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npi :
no pun intended

Usage of NPI

The abbreviation NPI stands for "no pun intended." This phrase is used in spoken or written communication to let the listener or reader know that the statement made was not meant as a joke or a play on words. NPI is used to clarify the speaker's intent and to avoid any misunderstandings that might arise due to the use of sarcasm or humor.

Examples of NPI used in texting:
1. A friend texts "I'm really bad at math, but I love counting my blessings." You respond, "Wow, you're really good at that! NPI"
2. Your sibling texts you a picture of their new haircut and jokes, "I look like a sheep!" You respond, "You look great, no sheep vibes. NPI"
3. Your classmate texts, "I'm so excited for finals week!" You respond, "Me too! I just love the stress and all-nighters. NPI"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "npi"

npi :
no pun intended

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