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notin :

Usage of NOTIN

The abbreviation NOTIN, commonly used in texting, is a shorthand way of saying 'nothing'. It is often used to denote a lack of something or a state of emptiness. For instance, you may use NOTIN to convey that you have no plans for the evening or that you have nothing to contribute to a certain conversation. The abbreviation is popular because it saves time and effort in typing out the full word.

Examples of NOTIN used in texting:

1) Friend 1: Hey, what are you up to tonight?
Friend 2: NOTIN, just chilling at home.

2) Mom: Did you finish your homework?
You: Yeah, all done. NOTIN left to do.

3) Coworker: Have you heard back from the boss about the project?
You: nope, NOTIN yet. I'll let you know when I do.

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notin :

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