Definition & Meaning of "NOOKIE"

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nookie :

Usage of NOOKIE

The slang term 'NOOKIE' is often used as an abbreviation for sexual activity, especially in a playful or humorous context. It's a lighthearted way to refer to an intimate act without being overly explicit or vulgar. In texting, abbreviations like NOOKIE can help make conversations more efficient and casual, allowing people to communicate quickly and easily using a few characters.

Examples of NOOKIE used in texting:

1. "Hey, are you free tonight? I'm in the mood for a little NOOKIE ;)" (Example of NOOKIE used in texting as a playful invitation for sexual activity)

2. "I had way too much NOOKIE last weekend, I need a break haha" (Example of NOOKIE used in texting as a humorous reference to recent sexual activity)

3. "I can't stop thinking about that incredible NOOKIE we had last night, when can we do it again?" (Example of NOOKIE used in texting as a more direct reference to sexual activity within an established romantic relationship)

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