Definition & Meaning of "NFD"

What does nfd mean? View the definition of nfd and all related slang terms containing nfd below:

nfd :
no f**king deal

Usage of NFD

The abbreviation NFD is commonly used in informal texting and messaging to convey a strong sense of rejection or disappointment. The phrase 'no f**king deal' is typically used when someone is unhappy with an offer or proposal and wishes to make that clear in no uncertain terms. It is a blunt and direct way of saying that something is unacceptable and will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Examples of NFD used in texting:

1. Example of NFD used in texting:
Person 1: "Hey, do you want to go out with me tonight?"
Person 2: "NFD, I'm not interested in you that way."

2. Example of NFD used in texting:
Person 1: "I'll give you $50 for that old bike in your garage."
Person 2: "NFD, that bike is worth way more than that."

3. Example of NFD used in texting:
Person 1: "Can you work this weekend? We're short-staffed."
Person 2: "NFD, I have plans already."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nfd"

nfd :
no f**king deal

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