Definition & Meaning of "MTHRFKR"

What does mthrfkr mean? View the definition of mthrfkr and all related slang terms containing mthrfkr below:

mthrfkr :
mother f**ker

Usage of MTHRFKR

The term MTHRFKR is a vulgar slang abbreviation that is commonly utilized to express negative emotions towards someone. The phrase essentially means "mother f**ker" and is typically used to insult or denigrate an individual. It can be used as a general invective or directed towards someone who has done something particularly despicable.

Examples of MTHRFKR used in texting:
1. "I can't believe that MTHRFKR stole my wallet!"
2. "That MTHRFKR just cut me off in traffic, what a jerk!"
3. "I am so sick of dealing with that MTHRFKR at work, he's always causing problems."

Note: It is important to use this abbreviation with caution, as it can be considered offensive by some individuals.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mthrfkr"

mthrfkr :
mother f**ker

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