Definition & Meaning of "M4F"

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m4f :
male for female

Usage of M4F

The abbreviation M4F is commonly used in online and text chat forums by males who are seeking a female companion. It stands for "male for female". In other words, a male is expressing his desire to meet or chat with a female. This abbreviation is often used in dating forums, online dating sites, or when a male is seeking a female companion for any kind of activity.

Examples of M4F used in texting:

1. Hey, I'm new to this city and looking to make new friends. M4F for coffee or maybe a movie sometime?
(Example of M4F used in a conversation seeking friendship)

2. Hi there, I'm bored at home and looking for someone to chat with. Any ladies up for some good conversation? M4F
(Example of M4F used in a conversation seeking casual conversation)

3. Hey, I'm heading to the concert tonight but I don't want to go alone. Anyone interested in joining me? M4F
(Example of M4F used in a conversation seeking a date or companion for an event)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "m4f"

m4f :
male for female

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