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lk :

Usage of LK

The abbreviation 'LK' is a shortened version of the word 'like'. It is commonly used in texting and online conversations to express approval or agreement with something that has been said or shared. 'LK' can also be used to show that someone finds something enjoyable or entertaining.

Example of LK used in texting:
1. "I just saw that new movie, and it was amazing! LK!"
2. "I love this song so much, LK it's my new favorite!"
3. "Do you want to go out for ice cream later? LK it's such a beautiful day!"

Examples of LK used in texting:
1. "I really think you should go on that trip, LK it would be such a great experience for you!"
2. "I finally finished my essay, LK it was a lot of hard work but I'm proud of it."
3. "I had a great time at the party last night, LK I met so many new people!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lk"

blk :
blkm :
Black Male
ilk2fku :
I would like to f**k you
lk :
lke :
roflkmd :
rolling on the floor laughing kicking my dog
swalk :
sealed with a loving kiss
talkin :
tlk :
tlk2me :
talk to me
tlk2ul8r :
talk to you later
tlkin :
tlkn :
wan2tlk :
Want to talk
wlkd :

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