Definition & Meaning of "BLKM"

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blkm :
Black Male

Usage of BLKM

The abbreviation 'BLKM' is a shorthand way of saying 'Black Male'. This is commonly used in online forums, social media platforms and texting to describe someone's race and gender. Because many people now use their phones for messaging, abbreviations like 'BLKM' have become useful tools for efficiently communicating information.

Examples of BLKM used in texting:

1. Example of BLKM used in texting: "Have you seen that BLKM at the grocery store?"
Meaning: This message is asking if the recipient has spotted a black male in the grocery store.

2. Example of BLKM used in texting: "I'm going on a date with a BLKM tonight."
Meaning: The sender is telling the recipient that they have a date with a black male later that evening.

3. Example of BLKM used in texting: "My new roommate is a BLKM."
Meaning: The message is revealing that the writer's new roommate is a black male.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "blkm"

blkm :
Black Male

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