Definition & Meaning of "LEME"

What does leme mean? View the definition of leme and all related slang terms containing leme below:

leme :
let me

Usage of LEME

The abbreviation "LEME" is a shortened version of "let me." It is commonly used in text messages to request or offer assistance with something, or to express that the speaker is willing to do something. For example, "LEME know if you need any help studying for the exam," or "LEME grab my jacket before we leave."

Examples of LEME used in texting:
1. Hey LEME grab my keys and I'll meet you outside.
2. LEME know what time you want to meet up tonight.
3. Can you LEME borrow your notes from yesterday's lecture?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "leme"

bleme :
blog meme
leme :
let me

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