Definition & Meaning of "BLEME"

What does bleme mean? View the definition of bleme and all related slang terms containing bleme below:

bleme :
blog meme

Usage of BLEME

BLEME is an abbreviation that stands for "blog meme." In the world of social media, a blog meme is a piece of content or an image that is often humorous and shared between blogs or websites. These memes are often used to convey a message or express a particular viewpoint on a topic.

Examples of BLEME used in texting:
1. Can't stop laughing at this BLEME I saw on Tumblr!
2. Have you seen any good blemes recently?
3. That BLEME you posted on Instagram was hilarious!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bleme"

bleme :
blog meme

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