Definition & Meaning of "LAM"

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lam :
leave a message

Usage of LAM

The abbreviation 'LAM' is commonly used in texting and is short for 'leave a message.' This abbreviation is often used when someone cannot answer a call or respond to a message at the moment but wants to let the sender know they have received it and will reply as soon as possible.

Example 1 of LAM used in texting:

"Hey, I'm in class right now and can't answer the phone. Please LAM and I'll get back to you later."

Example 2 of LAM used in texting:

"Sorry, I'm at work and can't talk. Can you LAM with details about what you need help with?"

Example 3 of LAM used in texting:

"I'm on vacation and have limited service. LAM if you need anything urgent and I'll try to respond when I can."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lam"

flamer :
angry poster
flames :
angry comments
lam :
leave a message
lamf :
like a motherf**ker
lollam :
Laughing Out Loud Like A Maniac
lylam :
love you like a mom
plams :
parents looking at my screen

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