Definition & Meaning of "PLAMS"

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plams :
parents looking at my screen

Usage of PLAMS

The abbreviation PLAMS is commonly used among teenagers who want to share something with their friends without alerting their parents or anyone else who might be looking at their phone screen. PLAMS stands for Parents Looking At My Screen. It is typically used in situations where the sender wants to share something that they feel would be inappropriate or embarrassing if seen by someone else.

Example 1:
Sender: Hey, can you text me that link to the party tonight? PLAMS.
Recipient: Sure thing, here it is: [link]

Example 2:
Sender: Did you see what Sarah posted on Instagram? It's so cringey lol PLAMS
Recipient: Omg no, show me quick!

Example 3:
Sender: I can't believe I got a C on my science test. I hope my parents don't see it PLAMS
Recipient: Don't worry, they won't. What happened?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "plams"

plams :
parents looking at my screen

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