Definition & Meaning of "KOTD"

What does kotd mean? View the definition of kotd and all related slang terms containing kotd below:

kotd :
kicks of the day

Usage of KOTD

KOTD is an abbreviation that stands for "kicks of the day". It is often used to describe a particularly fashionable or stylish pair of shoes that someone is wearing or has seen. This could mean a new purchase or simply a standout choice from their existing collection of footwear. It is a trend among sneaker enthusiasts and fashion lovers who enjoy sharing their latest shoe finds and styles with friends.

Example of KOTD used in texting:

1. "OMG, you have to check out these new Jordans I just got! They're my KOTD for sure."
(Example of KOTD used to describe a newly purchased pair of shoes)

2. "Just saw someone wearing the coolest Nikes, definitely the KOTD. I need to find out where they got them!"
(Example of KOTD used to describe a particularly fashionable pair of shoes seen in public)

3. "Can't decide which sneakers to wear today, so many good options in my collection. What do you think should be my KOTD?"
(Example of KOTD used to ask for opinion on which pair of shoes to wear as the standout choice of the day)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kotd"

kotd :
kicks of the day

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