Definition & Meaning of "KMFA"

What does kmfa mean? View the definition of kmfa and all related slang terms containing kmfa below:

kmfa :
kiss my f**king ass

Usage of KMFA

The abbreviation KMFA is a vulgar and insulting phrase that stands for 'kiss my f**king ass'. It is often used as an expression of hostility or disdain towards someone, especially when they have done something to provoke anger or frustration. The phrase is considered highly offensive in most contexts, and should only be used with caution and discretion.

Examples of KMFA used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, can you cover my shift at work on Saturday?
You: KMFA, I'm not your personal assistant.

2. Ex-Partner: Can we talk about getting back together?
You: KMFA, after everything you put me through? Never.

3. Annoying Co-worker: Can you proofread this report for me?
You: KMFA, I've got my own work to do. Learn to do it yourself.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kmfa"

kmfa :
kiss my f**king ass

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