Definition & Meaning of "INVU"

What does invu mean? View the definition of invu and all related slang terms containing invu below:

invu :
I envy you

Usage of INVU

The abbreviation INVU is commonly used in texting to express envy towards someone. It's a shorthand way of saying 'I envy you' or 'I wish I had what you have'. This abbreviation is often used when someone is feeling jealous or envious of someone else's possessions, experiences, or achievements. It can be used in a playful or lighthearted way, or it can be used more seriously when the envy is more intense.

Examples of INVU used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Just bought a new car!
Friend 2: INVU! I'm saving up for mine.

2. Instagram post: Just got back from a weeklong vacation in Hawaii!
Comment: INVU! I wish I could escape to a tropical paradise right now.

3. Sister: I got an A on my history exam!
Brother: INVU! I always struggle with history.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "invu"

invu :
I envy you

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