Definition & Meaning of "IAB"

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iab :
I Am Bored

Usage of IAB

The abbreviation IAB is commonly used in texting and online messaging to express boredom. When someone sends IAB, it means that they have nothing to do or are feeling uninterested in their current situation. It's a quick and easy way to convey that you're looking for something to occupy your time or seeking a change of pace.

Examples of IAB used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, what are you up to today?
Friend 2: Not much, IAB. Any suggestions?

2. Person 1: I've been staring at this screen for hours, IAB.
Person 2: Take a break and go for a walk or something!

3. Text from a teenager: Ugh, school is so boring today. IAB!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iab"

bbiab :
be back in a bit
biab :
back in a bit
dgypiab :
don't get your panties in a bunch
iab :
I Am Bored
piab :
panties in a bunch
rotflaviab :
rolling on the floor laughing and vomiting in a bucket
Suiab :
See you in a bit
syiab :
see you in a bit

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