Definition & Meaning of "PIAB"

What does piab mean? View the definition of piab and all related slang terms containing piab below:

piab :
panties in a bunch

Usage of PIAB

The abbreviation PIAB is often used in informal conversations and texting to describe when someone is getting upset, agitated or worked up about something trivial or insignificant. It stands for "panties in a bunch," which is a metaphor for the way underwear can become uncomfortable and twisted causing discomfort. It is a colorful and humorous way to describe a person's state of mind when they are overly emotional or irritated.

Example of PIAB used in texting:
1. "What's wrong with Sarah today? She has her PIAB on for sure."
2. "Don't get your PIAB on, it's just a game."
3. "Why are you so piabed about your hair? It looks great."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "piab"

dgypiab :
don't get your panties in a bunch
piab :
panties in a bunch

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