Definition & Meaning of "HUBBY"

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hubby :

Usage of HUBBY

The term HUBBY is an abbreviation used for the word husband. It is a widely used term in informal communication, especially in texting. A husband is a male partner in a marital relationship. The term HUBBY is a casual way of addressing one's husband and is often used in a friendly and affectionate manner.

Examples of HUBBY used in texting:

1. Example of HUBBY used in texting: Hey, can you ask HUBBY to pick up some groceries on his way back from work?

2. Example of HUBBY used in texting: Netflix night tonight! Can't wait to snuggle up with HUBBY and watch our favorite show.

3. Example of HUBBY used in texting: Good morning, babe! Just wanted to say I love waking up next to you, HUBBY.

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hubby :

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